J from Nelson

I had been recommended to contact Karen, for my daughter here in Nelson, from a well renowned Herbalist in Christchurch.  We had been struggling with strengthening my daughters immune system after many bouts of illnesses over the past year, with so much time off school and it was really playing havoc with her state of mind too.  After our initial consultation with Karen, we were prescribed a tincture and after 1 month there was a very noticeable improvement in her health.  Her blood test results came back with good improvement and her moods were so much more well balanced.  We remained on these tinctures for around 2-3 months and her health and happiness were great.  After not being on this tincture for around 2-3 weeks we certainly did notice a drop in her moods and energy and unfortunately she started to get every virus around school again.  Thankfully, we are back with a repeat prescription, and all is great in our world again.  

Happy, Healthy Child… Happy Mumma! Thank you Karen!   J from Nelson